Creative Diaper Cake Ideas
To help you create the perfect baby shower gift

Welcome to the largest diaper cake photo gallery on the internet!

Are you in need of a baby shower gift that is unique creative
inexpensive and will get lots of "oohs" and "ahhs"?

Diaper cakes are becoming one of the most popular baby shower gifts available. Why? Because you can give useful baby items to a mom-to-be in a fun, creative and unique way.

We've worked hard to create a free resource full of information that you can enjoy. We're brimming with ideas, tips and photos to share with you!

It is the perfect gift idea for ...

Creative minded people- The styles and designs are endless. Create a custom cake that reflects your style and tastes.

dog diaper cake

Not so creative minded people- That's right! ANYONE can make one. We'll teach you how to do add a little of your own flair and... take full credit for it. ;)

Those on a budget- While the basic supplies remain the same, you are in control of the final product and how much it costs you. You can go all out or create a simple and beautiful cake.

Procrastinators- I'll admit it. I've done it too. You can make a diaper cake in an hour or less...depending on how carried away you get in the design of course!

pretty pink diaper cake


At your fingertips, you find everything you need to make a beautiful diaper cake gift or centerpiece.

  • Step by step photo instructions

  • Hundreds of reader shared photos

  • Tips, Techniques, and Ideas

After you have created the most perfect baby shower gift...come back and share your pictures and ideas with us.

After all, sharing is the best part of making something beautiful!



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