2 Tier Couture Monkey Diaper Cake

by Nikki W.

Couture Monkey Diaper Cake

Couture Monkey Diaper Cake

My Couture Monkey Diaper Cake...

I got snowed in about 2 weeks ago which is weird for GA. So, in that time I started a fast and I started doing all these arts and crafts with the kids to keep them entertained.

Diaper cakes are one of the things I looked at but thought it was too hard. I caught pink eye a week later and was stuck at home by myself so I decide why not give it try, so this is what happened. I started by rolling a pack of 50 Huggies size 1 diapers with clear rubber bands. I did not use anything in the center. I put a bigger rubber band around them and placed 30 in a circular pattern on a cardboard cake board.

I used the same method with the remaining 20 diapers. I do not like my diapers to be seen or touched so I then wrap the whole tier in tissue paper, that of course would match the theme. I just used regular tape to hold it together.
From there, I cut 8 inches of fabric to wrap around the tiers to cover up the tissue paper.

They are held together with Scotch double sided tape.I then decided on my ribbon. I went with a solid brown then placed the monkey ribbon on top. This was done for the bottom tier. For the top tier, I went with a green with brown polka dot ribbon and tied a bow in the center using the monkey ribbon.

I decided to use brown decoration string in between the 1st and 2nd tiers to cover the tissue paper as well as several green leaves to go along with the monkey theme. For the very top of the 1st tier I went with silk flowers to complete the couture look. The entire "cake" was wrapped in white tulle and tied off with a green bow for delivery.

This is my second diaper cake. I made it for a friend who was giving it to someone. I just got into making them 4 days ago. They are fun and honestly I am doing it because God has provided me with this talent, so I am going to use it.

Thank you Nikki for sharing your beautiful tips and ideas with us! I am so glad you decided to try to make the first diaper cake, you are a natural!

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