3 Tier Diaper Cake for Twin Boys

Twin Diaper Cake For Boys

Twin Diaper Cake For Boys

Double Trouble! This twin diaper cake is a perfect example of how you can create an adorable diaper cake with scrapbooking supplies! I love the idea of using the scrapbooking letters and craft sticks to spell out a special message for baby. The layers were covered in baby blankets and then wrapped with layers of adorable ribbon. I love how the colors work together. Excellent job. Thank you so much for sharing your diaper cake gift ideas with us!

Twin Diaper Cake Instructions...
Approximately 80 Pampers Swaddlers - Size 1
6 safety pins
3 receiving blankets
2 small stuffed animals
2 small rubber ducks
ribbon - 3 different widths
craft sticks
decorative paper (scrapbooking sheets)
letter stickers
3 dimensional stickers (found in scrapbooking section of hobby store)
3 strings or large rubber bands

How to:

Take 14", 12", and 10" cake pans and spread out diapers (working with 3 at a time) fan them around the pan evenly until the cake pan is full, tie off with string or rubber band tightly; flip over and remove from cake pan..you now have your three layers of "cake".

Fold each receiving blanket so that it is the same width as each layer and wrap around "like icing". Take a safety pin and secure. (Repeat for each layer).

Stack each layer on top of each other (largest on the bottom) Insert a bottle of champagne in the middle of the three layers so that they will stay together. You can also use 3 wooden or plastic dowels to hold the layers in place.

Using a glue gun, take the widest ribbon you have and glue a narrower ribbon atop creating layers of ribbon then attach to each layer of the cake (you will need 3).

Punch out shapes and glue to a craft stick then stick on letters - in this example for twin boys I spelled out "Double Trouble" then inserted it on the cake between the diaper and the receiving blanket.

Top off the cake by attaching with safety pins and ribbon the stuffed animals and rubber ducks.

I also wrapped a cake board in baby wrapping paper and set the cake on that.

Make sure you don't get any glue stick pins in the diapers so that the new baby can use them!!!

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