A Perfect Princess Diaper Castle Cake

by Vicky
(Covington, KY)

The Complete Princess Diaper Castle Cake For Her Royal Highness

The Complete Princess Diaper Castle Cake For Her Royal Highness

The Complete Princess Diaper Castle Cake For Her Royal Highness Closeup of Princess Castle Diaper Cake Surprise! Surprise! Hidden surprises in the diaper cake Across the moat to the diaper cake

Vicky sent in some AMAZING princess castle diaper cake photos to share with us. I was blown away by how big the diaper cake turned out. But what is even more amazing is the amount of baby items that were included with the cake. What a wonderful baby shower gift! Thank you for sharing your adorable diaper cake with us Vicky! It turned out beautiful.

Tips and Instructions shared by Vicky...

I made this castle for my cousin and his wife's baby shower. My cousin and I were very close growing up, so I knew I wanted to do something very special when their shower came along. The tiara is an actual wedding tiara their little princess can wear when she gets old enough to have her own special day. I used a boa to cover up a box of formula which is the first layer. The second layer is a box of wipes and the third is a box of diapers.

For the forth layer I used a box and although I didn't take any pictures of the inside of this box, it could be opened. Inside was the princess' basic needs: lotion, ointment, bath wash, baby q-tips, receiving blankets, onesies, baby powder, etc. I used purple fabric vs. ribbon because I wanted to perfectly match the "drawbridge," which is a traveling wipes case. There are several websites and videos that give step by step instructions on making your own wipes case cover. I used green rocking horse ribbon to stick to the baby shower theme. I cut purple fabric and sewed it into strips. the green ribbon I glued to the purple fabric using a glue stick. Then I placed it around the box pulling snugly and hand sewed it to keep in place. You can used various items to cover the stitch, but I used a thread close to the color of the fabric and it's not very noticeable. I placed the strips of fabric over the rubber bands that are holding the diapers together. I painted a board with paint I already had making land and a moat. It was work, but it was fun. Enjoy!

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