A Pink Diaper Cake For My Granddaughter

by Linda E.
(Fayetteville, Tenn USA)

Pink Diaper Cake

Pink Diaper Cake

Our reader Linda shared this cute pink diaper cake with us she made for her granddaughter.

Linda's comments...
For this diaper cake, I used 60 diapers, small hair rubber bands, medium rubber bands, wide ribbon, double faced tape, 2 bottles (1 large,1 small) baby socks and shoes.

I rolled the diapers and used the small rubber bands to secure them. There were 18 diapers on the bottom layer held together with the medium rubber band. The large bottle is in the the middle I built out from it.

The next layer I used 12 diapers out from the bottle, forming a round layer. The third is around the small bottle.

I put all the layers together on an antique platter and a note saying to give to the baby when they marry. I took baby socks and cloth shoes and attached with double faced tape to decorate with. It was a big hit.

Thanks for sharing your diaper cake photos with us Linda. You did a fabulous job!

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