A Square Diaper Cake

by Nisha W.

Square Diaper Cake

Square Diaper Cake

Square Diaper Cake Square Diaper Cake Square Diaper Cake Square Diaper Cake

I made this square diaper cake as a gift to give to my cousin for her baby shower. We were all so excited to find out she was having another girl. I wanted something classy and fun, so I layered lots of ribbon to give it a boutique look. It turned out fabulous!

A funny story: I looked for quite a while to find the perfect stuffed animal to put on top. The family loves dogs so I thought a dog would be perfect for it. I ended up with a cute little black poodle. But as I was decorating, I couldn't help but think it looked more like a gorilla than a dog. (See the picture above.) I think it was the way they made the nose. Lol! I ended up putting lots of bows and ribbon to make it look more "dog-like". (Notice the bows on the tail..) ;)

Diaper Cake Instructions- You will need:
80 diapers
3/8 inch ribbon (black and white polka dot)
1 1/2 inch ribbon (pink satin)
2 1/2 inch ribbon (black satin)
glue dots (Best thing ever invented!!!)
rubber bands

I folded a diaper in half and built upon that to make the square diaper cake. (Check out our step by step tutorial to get full instructions for diaper cake.)

I wanted an elegant look, so I decided to make a plaid design with the ribbon. I used wide black satin ribbon on each row for each layer. That was covered by a pink satin ribbon that was just a little thinner in width than the black ribbon. Once that was done, I followed the same pattern and placed a ribbon across the center of each layer.

Then I went around the front of each layer, making sure that the ribbon was centered around the diapers. I used glue dots to attach the ribbon together and to hold the ribbon in place where necessary. Love that stuff! Then I used the polka dot ribbon and made bows for each area that crossed each other.

I used some extra black ribbon to secure the poodle dog to the top of the cake and used black shred paper on each of the layers to add some interest. Finally, I used heavy duty poster board to carry and display the diaper cake.

My main tip for making a square diaper cake is to plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time. I always seem to run out of ribbon or another item and have to make a last minute dash to the store to get everything completed. So give yourself plenty of time and have fun!

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Sep 30, 2011
by: Jen

I've never seen this type of cake before. What a great gift. So excited to try it! :)

Sep 30, 2011
Thank You!!
by: Anonymous

This is exactly what I was looking for. I am making one for my sister in law this weekend. Thanks!!

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