Baby Bootie Diaper Cake

by Serree
(Acton, Calif)

Baby Bootie Diaper Cake

Baby Bootie Diaper Cake

Baby Bootie Diaper Cake Bootie Diaper Cake Baby Bootie Diaper Cake Bootie Diaper Cake

Serree sent in pictures of the baby bootie diaper cakes she recently made to share with everyone. They turned out absolutely adorable! I love the pink ribbon she used on top. And the sock flower bouquet turned out cute, too. ;) Thank you for sharing your diaper cake photos with us Serree! They turned out great!

Details On Serree's Baby Bootie Diaper Cake:

I used 30 size one swaddler pampers for the bottom. I used 15 size one swaddlers pampers for the top. I rolled each one and then secure 6 of them as a square with a rubber band. I kept adding more to it to make a oval shape bottom. each row I did I secured it with anther rubber band. The top I started out with 4 rolled up diapers then secured it with a rubber band and then added the rest to them to make a circle. I secured them the layers with a double stick tape and added a wooden dowel in the middle of the two to secure them better.

I cut out a cardboard bottom to the shape of the bottom piece and secured it with double stick tape. I then used pink tulle to wrap the bottom and top i wrapped it three times to get the pink color to start showing. I then used a pink flower wired ribbon to make a bow as if it was the shoe lace. I used pink curly ribbon and tucked them in all over to give it some color. This was my first time making these, and I have to say I loved it so much and it was easy and pretty fast to do. I believe it only took me about an 1hr and half to make both together.

I made this for one of our employees baby shower that we are throwing for her. I know it will be a big hit! I got this idea from this web site, so thank you for sharing your ideas with the public, it has inspired me to do the same.

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