Baby Boy Diaper Cake

by Sandy
(Rochester, PA)

My Baby Boy Diaper Cake!

My Baby Boy Diaper Cake!

I love the simple elegance of the baby boy diaper cake sent in by our reader Sandy. She gave us some great tips and instructions on how she put it together.Thanks Sandy! It turned out adorable!

Sandy said:
I'm not a very crafty person, so I wasn't sure how this would turn out!! I started out with a bottle of baby shampoo. I used newborn diapers so my cake is smaller than a lot that I have seen. I rolled the diapers up and put small rubber bands around them. I then stacked them around the shampoo bottle. I did 3 rows of diapers for the bottom row since I used smaller diapers.

I then put a larger rubber band around all 3 rows to hold them in place. I repeated the process for the next layer only using 2 rows. Then I used a toilet paper roll and made the top layer. I just stacked the rolled diapers around it and rubber banded them to it. The toilet paper roll sat right down on the top of the shampoo bottle. I then used ribbon and a bow to finish my cake. It is a simple cake, but I am so proud of it!!

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