Baby Giraffe Diaper Cake

by Ava Haughton

Baby Barrow's Diaper Cake

Baby Barrow's Diaper Cake

I love how bright and cheerful this giraffe diaper cake is! It was sent into us by one of our readers, Ava.

She used lots of cute embellishments and colors on the cake. The candle airplanes are especially adorable. Thank you for sending in your photos and ideas, Ava. I am sure that your diaper cake designs will help inspire others.

Ava said:
This is my first diaper cake that I made for my daughter's shower using ideas from this site. I used one package (50) of newborn diapers and then rolled each diaper and put rubber bands around each.

I put a baby bottle as the anchor and placed two layers of diapers around the bottle. I used ribbons to secure each layer. Then I used a decorative paper roll to "wrap" the first layer.

Next I cut a piece of card board with a center opening for the bottle and place over the bottom layers. Next I add about 6 diapers to the top layer again over the top of the bottle that is protruding from the first layer. I wrapped this layer with the decorative paper as well.

I then cut another small piece of card board to place on top of the 6 diapers, cover it with decorative paper and then use T pin to secure the baby giraffe to the top of the cake. To decorate, I hot glued on ribbons, beads and small jungle animal cut out.

On the top layer I hot glued letters to write “It's A Boy” around it. I place small airplanes with tiny candles (hot glue) on the first layer of the cake and then use silver ribbons to embellish it.

On the baby giraffe, I placed a ribbon and a baby button with a space where I wrote the surname of the baby and finally, I placed one of the diapers in the middle. I used T-pins to secure the giraffe arms to the diapers.

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