Baby Girl Pink Turtle Diaper Cake

by Erica M.
(Silvis, IL)

Pink Turtle Diaper Cake

Pink Turtle Diaper Cake

Pink Turtle Diaper Cake Turtle Diaper Cake For Girl Baby Girl Diaper Cake Baby Girl Turtle Diaper Cake

Now this is cute! I love this adorable baby girl turtle diaper cake sent in by our reader Erica. She put so much love and creativity into the design. Thank you for your beautiful pictures and instructions Erica. It will definitely help others as they create the perfect baby shower gift.

Erica's comments:
I got the basic ideas for the diaper cake from this website. Thanks to all the people who submitted pictures and instructions!

I will try to go from the bottom of the cake to the top with instructions. I began with a fuchsia serving tray that I bought at a party store vs. the cake platters a lot of people use. I found it was very easy to carry my cake with the platter to hold onto.

Next I went to my local grocery store and just started picking out things. I found the cute turtle stuffed animal in the flower/gift section, and I used that as my topper. I then went to the baby section, and picked out bottles, big bottle of baby soup, onesies, spoons, cap and socks (used the cap on the turtle topper), bottle scrubber, butt cream (funny packaging), formula holder, and size 1, 2, and 3 diapers.

I used the big soap bottle as the beginning of my base. I used mailing tape to tape the bottle down to the platter. I then took a wrapping paper card board roll and cut the end to fit around the bottle in order to extend the base I would say a good three feet. I then taped the card board roll to the base. May sure it is sturdy. Don't be afraid to use a lot of tape. One thing also, I used no pins or glue on any of the cake because I wanted the Mother to be able to use everything.

I rolled all my diapers using clear plastic hair ties. I heard the Mother could use these on her infant’s hair, and they would do no damage to the diapers.

Once I had my base complete, I made two layers of number 3 diapers. To begin my first layer, I made one ring around the base that I could hold together somewhat without it all falling everywhere. I took strong white string and wrapped it around the ring of diapers twice. I did this again to finish of the final ring that made up the first layer. I did the same with the second layer.

The next two layers I used number 2 diapers completing them the same way that I did the first two. I left about a diaper top ring's worth of room to fit items onto it later.

The last three layers are made with number 1 diapers and I was able to only us one ring of string wrapped twice on these layers.
I am not sure how many diapers I ended up buying, but I had extras and gave them to the Mother as an extra gift. I also made sure to give her any packaging I thought she would need from the items I put on the cake so that she would know how to use them.

On the fourth layer I placed in the ring two bottles with sheer ribbon inside them. I think it made for a nice effect. I then put two headbands around each one. They kind of looked like ribbons.

On layers five and six, in the middle behind the flowers, I put a small bottle with sheer ribbon inside on the fifth layer, and on the sixth I put a small bottle of baby powder. I liked adding items to the layers instead of trying to fit a bunch of stuff on the outside.

I used pink ribbon to cover up the white string I had used around the layers. I taped each piece of ribbon in the middle in alignment with the turtles head. I then used a string of pretty flowers from the turtles head all the way down to the platter to cover up the tape. I used skinny yellow ribbon to cover up the white string on the top three layers and made the ribbon kind of zig zagged all over the place. While wrapping up the top layer with the yellow ribbon, I wrapped up the turtle to the top. I stuck a couple of fake flowers on each side of the turtle's head to fill in empty space.

I choose the top of the second layer to add all my presents. I was able to securely fasten all the items with the yellow ribbon by entwining it into the white and pink ribbon carefully, then making a big bow to hold in the item.

Before placing the turtle on the cake, I put as many diapers down the card board roll as I could. I believe this added to the sturdiness of the cake. I had absolutely no problems transporting it.

This was definitely something I wanted to do for my sister once I found out she became pregnant. Once I found out it was a girl I wasted no time going out and purchasing items for my cake. It took me total about ten hours to do in three sittings. It was a lot of work, but well worth it. I think my sister loved it, and was surprised that I did go to so much work for her. It was also the centerpiece at her baby shower. I hope my very long explanation of how I made my diaper cake helps you. Good luck!

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May 03, 2011
clear elastic bands
by: Erica Mallie

Hi! I bought the elastic bands at my local grocery store in the hair product area. They are hair ties. I think they came in a package of 100 or something like that, for just a couple of bucks. Good luck!

Apr 30, 2011
Pink Turtle
by: Anonymous

Colorful and tall although a bit over dramaized. THe mother to be will get a lot of extras nice job on instructions. I also like using the clear tiny elastic bands. Where do you buy yours?

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