Blue and White Sports Diaper Cake

by Jillian N.
(Santa Maria CA, US)

Finished Sports Diaper Cake

Finished Sports Diaper Cake

Finished Sports Diaper Cake Diaper Cake With The Ribbon Without The Baby Blocks Diaper Cake With No Ribbon, After The Layers Have Been Taped and Rubberbanded Together

Hi my name is Jillian and this is how I made my diaper cake...

Things You'll Need:
50-55 Diapers, a roll of tape, decorative ribbon, tissue paper, rubber bands, the base, and any accessories you want to put on the diaper cake.

1. Get 50-55 diapers size "3", roll them up vertically, and tape them.

2. Wrap the individual rolled up diapers in sparkly tissue paper like a present and tape the ends.

3. Get a sturdy base for your cake to sit on, ex: pizza pan, piece of round cardboard. and place a baby bottle in the middle."This will help make the cake stay together better and help stack the cake evenly."

4.Get double sided scotch tape or one sided scotch tape and tape the diapers together. "For my cake I had 2 tiers and a big toy for the 3rd tier." The bottom Tier had 7 Diapers in the inner circle, 12 in the middle circle and 18 on the outer circle. The top layer had the inner circle of 6 and the outer circle had 12.

4. After you finish each circle of diapers, put a thin rubber band around them to secure them in place.

5. Then get some decorative ribbon to go around the outer layers of the diaper cake. "I also made bows to hide where the ribbon started and stopped, this makes the cake look more polished."

6. On to the FUN STUFF!!! :) Next you get to decorate your diaper cake with useful things for the mommy to be. What I did was get a couple of sports themed pacifiers, some bath toys,a big plush baseball, and some baby blocks.

There you have it a Sports Diaper Cake.:)

Fabulous diaper cake Jillian! Thank you so much for sharing all of your photos and details with us. It turned out beautifully.

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