Boy Castle Diaper Cake

by Kelly O.
(Hilton, New York)

Boy Castle Diaper Cake

Boy Castle Diaper Cake

Take a peek at this cute boy castle diaper cake that Kelly shared with our site. I love how she used baby bottles, baby formula and even rice cereal in the construction of the cake. So creative and what a wonderful way to give baby supplies as a gift!

Read below for all of the details on how to make this adorable cake. Thank you Kelly for sharing your wonderful ideas with us! If you are inspired by Kelly's ideas, please comment below...and be sure to share your ideas with us once you make your own fabulous diaper cake!

Kelly's Comments:
I have read so many things about diaper cakes online so I decided to try it. It's my first diaper cake. I used size one and size NB diapers. I rolled them from the top down and used little transparent rubber hair bands to secure each diaper I rolled.

I used size ones mainly for the bottom and middle section of the cake. I used a can of rice cereal for the bottom as my base and on top of that a can of formula for the middle base. I also hid 3 bottles inside the cake which is the towers of the castle. I have one in the back and two on either side. I used sturdy paper and rolled it around the bottles and stapled the top and bottom of the paper to hold the shape, wrapped baby blue ribbon around the towers and taped the back to hold them in place and then placed them over the bottles.

I rolled the newborn diapers and then secured them with rubber bands as well and then used extra ones to secure them all together. I also wrapped blue card paper around the formula can in the middle section so you couldn't see the can then I place the third row of diapers on top and wrapped wire ribbon around each section for decoration I tied a binky with thin wrapping baby blue ribbon in the middle of the bow of the middle section.

For the top of the castle towers, I just rolled the blue card paper stapled it and the decorated the tip of it and bottom of the cones with snow white sparkles and used ribbon for the flags.

My finishing touches was my topper and little hands and feet decorations I place on some of the diapers around the cake. I've seen so many beautiful cakes and hope eventually I will be able to master the making of these thank you for looking!

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Jan 20, 2014
how many diapers
by: barbara

there is no amount of diapers that have to be used

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