Diaper Bassinet

by Veronica
(St. Louis, MO)

diaper baby carriage

diaper baby carriage

diaper baby carriage Front View Of Diaper Bassinet Close Up Of Wheels Back of Diaper Bassinet

Tell us about your diaper cake! We would love to hear all about it...

Who did you make it for? I made it for a college friend.

Was there a theme or style you followed?
I used the colors of pink, purple, and silver. I choose purple since pink is a common color.

How many diapers did you use in your cake?
There were 82 diapers total.
I used 32 diapers for the wheels. 8 diapers were used for each wheel. Then one diaper for each end of the paper towel rolls (4 diapers) for a total of 36 for the axle. There were 36 diapers for the body of the bassinet and 10 diapers for the hood of the bassinet. You can use a baby pillow instead of these diapers.

What were the ingredients?
2 Paper towel rolls
Large Rubber Bands (about 12)
4 Small-medium clear rubber bands
Paper Tape
1 1/2" Ribbon
2 baby wash cloths
3 Receiving Blankets
1 30x40 Fleece Blanket
2 Baby Bibs
82 Diapers

How did you make it?
First start with the axle. Roll up 4 diapers then put one diaper in each end of the paper towel rolls. This helps add support for the wheels. Wrap one wash cloth around each paper towel roll. Secure with a small clear rubber band in the middle, and use the paper tape on both ends. Put one wheel on each end of the paper towel rolls. You will end up with two dumbbell like axles.

Next I started on the body of the bassinet. Place 30 diapers in a straight row and secure with a large rubber band. Now I used 6 more diapers, 3 on each long side of the bassinet. Put another rubber band around the body of the bassinet. Slide the three diapers under the second rubber band to secure. They need to be overlapped to create the rounded look. After this I wrapped the diapers like a gift with a receiving blanket. Secure the receiving blanket with rubber bands and clear tape. Wrap one strip of ribbon on both ends of the bassinet. These will be used to secure the wheels later. Place a bib on top and set aside.

The next step is to make the hood for the bassinet. Skip this step if you are using a baby pillow. You start with 6 diapers in a straight row secured with a rubber band. Put two diapers on the short sides of the hood (4 total). Place the diapers under the rubber band on either side to create a small pillow like shape. Wrap these diapers with a receiving blanket. Secure a bib on the back of the "pillow" hood with a rubber band.

Next I secured the hood onto the body of the bassinet. Sit the hood on top of the body. Place a folded receiving blanket over the top of the hood and under the body of the bassinet. Next wrap the folded fleece blanket around the body of the bassinet. Wrap some ribbon around the hood and body and secure. Wrap a coordinating ribbon around the body. Tie a bow if you want.

The final steps are to secure the wheels and add finishing decorations. Run a ribbon under the bottom of the bassinet body where the ribbon was placed earlier. Tie to secure. Do this on both ends. Add flowers or other decorations to the wheels

Anything else you would like to share with us about your diaper cake or the occasion?
This was my first one so I hope I gave enough details. It took me about an hour to make because I had two pair of little helping hands.

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