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Easy Diaper Cake Instructions

Create the perfect baby shower gift by following our simple picture tutorials

If you are looking for simple, easy diaper cake instructions, you've come to the right place.

What I love about diaper cakes is that even though they are basically a simple gift of diapers and baby items, the sky is the limit on how creative and budget friendly you make it.

And it is easier to make a diaper cake than you think. So don't worry. Even if you are not an amazing craft whiz now, you soon will be. ;) If you can roll a diaper, you can make a diaper cake.

Ready to begin? Start by choosing a design method below. Click on one of the photos to see the full, step by step instructions.

And don't forget to share your diaper cake photos and tips with us when you finish your masterpiece!

Have Fun Crafting!!

The 4 Most Popular Designs To Make A Diaper Cake

1. Candlestick Method- This is the basic rolled diapers look. The diapers are rolled to look like a candlestick.

2. Boutique Swirl Method- The diapers are fanned out in a swirled design, which creates a very elegant and classy look.

3. Square Method- Ever seen a square diaper cake? Not only are they cute and unique, but they are also very simple to make.

4. Wrapped Method- This cake has a snowball effect, with each diaper building on the next.

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