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Simple Diaper Cake Video Instructions

For you visual learners, I have put together a simple diaper cake video to walk you through all of the steps. You will see how easy it is to make a diaper cake.

If picture is worth a thousand words...well, video is even better!

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Diaper Cake Video Transcript

I've provided the transcript to the video below. You can follow along with the video or use it to review parts before starting your own diaper cake. :)

Hi, I'm Nisha Williams with Creative Baby Shower Ideas.com. There are so many fun and creative gifts you can make for a baby shower...including a diaper cake. In this video we will be discussing how to make a diaper cake.

To get started, we just need to discuss the things that go into a diaper cake. Some baby diapers, a package of at least 56 diapers is preferable. You're going to need clear hair rubberbands to wrap up the diapers with. Your going to need scissors, double sided sticky tape, and then the bigger rubberbands.

You're going to need ribbon to wrap around the diaper cake as you get finished, 2 8oz. baby bottles, and then decorations to go around. I've got curling ribbon and some smaller flowers to go around for decoration.

Then to display your diaper cake when you get done you'll either need a cardboard cake circle for it to be sitting on for you to transport it or you can also use a cake tray to display.

To start the assembly of your diaper cake you are going to want to take one of your diapers, and you are going to be rolling it from the outside tip of the diaper going down. So you roll it in and then your going to take a clear rubberband and place it around the diaper.

As soon as you have all of your diapers together, we're going to start assembling it. So I'm going to start with my cake tray as my bottom base..and I'm going to take one of my baby bottles (I like to fill them with candy, little treats for the mom to find later).

So you place your bottle in the middle and take one of your large rubberbands and then what you want to do is place the rubberband around the bottle,that is how I like to start it. Then you're going to be sliding the diapers around the bottle. The bottle is going to become your center base for the diaper cake.

It is going to keep it all together so you can transport it easily. So we're going to start with the bottom base of the diaper cake. There is going to be three rings of diapers around the bottle. So we have the first ring started so I am going to place one more rubberband around it to start the second ring and fill it with diapers.

Once you have the bottom base done of your diaper cake, you are going to finish with your second and top layers. Your second layer is only going to have 2 circles of diapers around it. About halfway up you will be a space in which you to put your next bottle in. So this bottle I'm not going to fill with any treats since I'm going to be displaying flowers and so I am using this as a vase for the flowers. So the top layer is going to have 1 ring of diapers around it. And now we're ready to decorate.

There's all kinds of fun creative ways to decorate your diaper cake. So for this one, I decided to go with a mod mom theme. I took some fun ribbon, just make sure the ribbon that you decorate with is thick enough to cover the rubberbands. If you decide to use see thru ribbon, you could use white curling ribbon over the diaper cake and take off the rubberbands so it gives it a nice refined look so you don't see the rubberbands under it. So I'm just going to place the ribbon around each of the layers, and I'm using double sided sticky tape to attach it all on.

I've also gone around and placed in mini silk roses in each diaper along the outside to give it a fun look. The you can take any kinds of silk flowers, use your bottle as a vase for it.

So that is how you make a candlestick diaper cake, using the candlestick method. I hope you come join us at www.creative-baby-shower-ideas.com for some great ideas on planning your next baby shower.

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