Diaper Carriage for Jonah

by Casie S.
(Marvin, NC)

Diaper Carriage

Diaper Carriage

Diaper Carriage Diaper Carriage Diaper Carriage Diaper Carriage

This is a diaper carriage made for a friends shower. The baby's name will be Jonah so we tried to follow a whale theme. I purchased an 84 pack of pampers size 1 and used approximately half of them.

1 size 13 mens shoe box
Size 1 pampers
2 swaddling blankets
Remnant fleece for lining inside of shoe box
1 12 in brass hoop (canopy)
1 sheet (12x18) plastic canvas for canopy and handle
2 blue feather boas (approx 5 yards)
Rubber bands
Glue gun
Straight pins
Diaper pins (8 total)
4 zip ties
1 strand white Christmas lights

Wheels (made 4): 7 rolled pampers secured with rubber bands and 1 additional diaper to wrap around the outside of wheel. Secured with a wide blue ribbon and hot glue then wrapped each side of wheel with a blue feather boa. Each wheel was then secured to a cardboard base with a zip tie from underneath.

Carriage base:
We lined inside of shoebox with batting then brown fleece. Folded one swaddling blanket and wrapped around the outside of box. Secured blanket with straight pins and clips.


12 in Brass hoop cut in half, plastic canvas secured to hoop with white curly ribbon on both front and back (front part of canopy was approx two inches longer than back). We then stitched the sides of canvas into the box with brown thread in a few places to secure it.

Covered canopy with diapers and secured with white curly ribbon. Lined inside of canopy with white batting and hot glue. Placed second swaddling blanket over the top of diapers on canopy and secured with diaper pins and straight pins. Added big bow to back of stroller and secured it to diaper pin with a pipe cleaner.

Used a 1x 12 in remnant piece of plastic canvas from canopy, folded in half and stitched closed with white ribbon. Then secured to corners of box with thread and covered with a piece of fleece and hot glue.

Finishing touches: Placed carriage base onto wheels (never secured it so it would be easier to transport). Added baby items into box including a framed ultrasound picture. Covered base with white Christmas lights and tulle.

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Jan 13, 2012
by: your annoying daughter

oh and u forgot to add putting the brown ribbon on the handle.
@ anonymous- my mom was on google and she came across a little one made out of shoeboxes

Jan 11, 2012
by: Anonymous

How did you come up with that idea? That is awesome!!!! How long did it take you to make it?

Jan 11, 2012
5 Stars For A Beautiful Diaper Carriage!
by: Nisha- Editor

Wow Casie!

I am in awe of your beautiful diaper carriage! Love all the detailed instructions you gave. Thank you so much!! What a special gift for a special friend. I love how you used a whale theme to go with the baby's name, Jonah! The feather boas used on the wheels are simply A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!

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