Diaper Three Wheeler and Diaper Cake

by Courtney C.
(Woodbridge, VA)

Front of Diaper Three Wheeler

Front of Diaper Three Wheeler

Front of Diaper Three Wheeler Back of Diaper Three Wheeler Front of Diaper Cake Back of Diaper Cake

For my friends baby shower I wanted to do something a little different so I made a diaper three wheeler and a coordinating diaper cake with the leftover diapers.

Diaper Three Wheeler:
2 receiving blankets
Pack of baby links
Baby doll
2 cardboard tubes(paper towel)
Wipes case
Baby bottle
6 wash cloths
1 baby bib
1 pair of baby socks

To make the diaper 3 wheeler:

1.For the back wheels use a paper towel tube and wrap two baby wash cloths around the tube (attach with double sided tape).
2. Then roll diapers around the tube until your wheels are as big as you would like with the ends of the wash cloth covered tube sticking out a bit like spokes.
3. For the front wheel use the second paper towel roll and wrap that with two wash cloths as well and roll diapers around it, making this wheel a little bit smaller than the back wheels.
4. Now take a receiving blanket and put it first through the paper towel tube then pull it to the front roll and tuck it in the tube.
5. Then use a second receiving blanket and pull that through the front wheel. Tuck a diaper wipes case and a bottle in, and pull the blanket tight over them to create handle bars.
6. Then have fun decorating. I used cute butterfly links to coordinate the theme of the blankets and bib. One of the links was shaped as a butterfly so I used that for a seat. Inside the wipes case, I put various hair ties and headbands. Very cute!

To Make The Diaper Cake:
20 diapers
3 receiving blankets
2 bibs
Plastic bucket
3 baby bottles
2 pacifiers
A bottle bucket
Various baby supplies (i.e. q-tips, lotion, wash ect...)
Pacifier holder

1. Roll diapers and secure them with rubber bands ( I use the tiny elastics).
2. Attach the diapers around the bucket that is filled with essential supplies and then wrap a receiving blanket around the bucket.
3. Stack the bottle bucket on top of first layer of diapers and place bottles and other supplies inside bottle bucket.
4. Wrap another receiving blanket around the bottle bucket.
5. Now, fold a receiving blanket and pull it across the top and use pin to secure it to either side of diaper cake.
6. For a cute touch, I made butterflies using beads and hung them from the pacifiers I tucked in the side of the cake.

Wow Courtney, these baby shower gifts are ABSOLUTELY adorable! I love your paper towel roll idea for the wheel spokes. So cute. And your ideas for the diaper cake are really unique and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your tips and photos with us!

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