Duckie Diaper Cake 1

by Maeghan M.
(River Ridge, LA)

Pink Duckie Diaper Cake

Pink Duckie Diaper Cake

3-Tier Diaper Cake
I used Newborn and Size 1 Diapers.

1.Took a tray and placed a bottle in the center. Keep the diapers folded in half and don't pull wings out (leave tucked), roll like a tortilla and put a clear rubber band around to hold it together.

Start from the center and start wrapping the rolled diapers around until the whole bottom of the tray is full. Next place a large rubber band around the bottom layer of the diapers to keep the layer together. Next, complete the middle layer the same way.

2. Place a small baby bottle on top of the second layer and place one ring of diapers around it to cover the bottle. Next take wash cloths and wrap those the same way, and use that as the next ring on the top layer.

3. Tie ribbon around layers to hold together.

4. Place duck on top as cake topper.
duckie diaper cake

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