Frog Diaper Cake 1

by Grace O.
(Chilliwack, BC Canada )

Frog Diaper Cake

Frog Diaper Cake

I used a roller blind that you put on your car window to block out the sun for the baby down the middle of the cake. This is also handy to attach the frog to or any other stuffed animal.

Rather then using tissue to cover each layer, once assembled I used large napkins folded length wise and they covered perfectly top to bottom of the cake.
I preferred not to attach any other gifts to it because it will be the centerpiece on the gift table, so it will become surrounded with gifts.

We do not know if it is a boy or girl so that is why it was done in neutral colors. But having said that brown and green seem to be popular colors this spring.

I am really pleased how this turned out. Thank you for your website.

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