Gender Neutral Duck Diaper Cake

by Dawn R.
(Sacramento, CA, USA)

Gender Neutral Duck Cake

Gender Neutral Duck Cake

Look how cute these paper ducks are! This is a great decorating idea sent in by Dawn on her gender neutral duck diaper cake. It is a simple and beautiful way to decorate that adds a fun touch without being too expensive. Love it! Thanks for sharing your cute photos with us Dawn!

Dawn's Diaper Cake Instructions:

I used a 12" cardboard cake round from the craft store to place the cake on. The bottom layer was started around a large bottle of Johnson & Johnson's baby lotion. Each diaper was rolled and I placed a small clear rubber band (found in the hair section at most stores) around each diaper to keep it rolled. I used a super sized rubber band from my local office store to keep the bottom layer together as I placed each diaper vertical around the bottle of lotion. I continued using diaper to fill in the rubber band until the layer was the same size as the cardboard cake round.

The second layer was put together the same way but made smaller in size to look like a tiered cake. The bottle of lotion was covered by this layer so I used three bamboo skewers to hold the third layer in place.

The skewers were placed through the top of the third layer after it was finished and pushed all the way to the bottom of the cake in between diapers so as not to put holes in any diapers.

I then cut a wide polka dot ribbon long enough to go around each layer. This ribbon is placed on the center of each layer and covers the rubber band used to hold the cake together. I fastened the ribbon with hot glue being careful not to put any hot glue on the actual diapers.

I hot glued the paper ducks around the ribbon on each layer. I rolled up matching onesies, ran an orange ribbon through them and tied them around the middle layer. I did the same thing with matching wash cloths for the top layer. I tied a rubber duck and two matching pacifiers to the top layer.

This was my very first diaper cake and it was for a shower in which the mother decided not to find out the gender of the baby.

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