Girl Diaper Cake

by Charlotte W.

Girl Diaper Cake Front

Girl Diaper Cake Front

Girl Diaper Cake Front Girl Diaper Cake Back

How we made our girl diaper cake:

First we cut out circles of card board and styrofoam and formed a pedestal for the cake to set on. We covered the pedestal with fabric and hot glued little baby trinkets on the sides of the pedestal.

Then we sat and rolled diapers. I placed 2 baby bottles in the middle filled with hershey kisses (a little surprise for mom). Once all 3 tiers were complete, my husband and I put it together with the bottles being in the center.

Then I just started decorating I put trial size shampoos, powder, teething rings, wash clothes,bibs and the list goes on.

I made a daisy bouquet for the top then placed daisies around the base to complete the whole thing. I also hung a teddy bear off the side and added curly ribbon.

This is my first diaper cake ever...

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