Girly Girl Diaper Cake

by Ms. Q. Clay
(Ruston, LA)

Girl Diaper Cake Front

Girl Diaper Cake Front

Girl Diaper Cake Front Girl Diaper Cake Close-up Girl Diaper Cake Back

Step 1: I followed the basic steps from the internet for building the first three layers of the diaper cake.

Step 2: The bottom and top layers are wrapped with receiving blankets. The middle layer is covered by a onesie because I didn't want any of the diapers to show. I put the diaper layer in the belly of the onesie and pinned the neck and bottom parts under the bottom. Everything is neatly pinned in place with beaded pins.

Step 3: Wrap each layer with ribbon trim. I used double- sided tape and beaded pins.

Step 4: This was the fun part! Place items on cake to decorate. The "flowers" on the middle layer are socks rolled up and pinned into place. This was supposed to complete it, but I still wanted to achieve more height to make the bear and large bow look balanced, so I wrapped two receiving blankets around a empty paper towel roll for stability and wedged it into the top layer of diapers(I had to remove some of the diapers). This created a fourth layer without using diapers.

Gifts used:
Stuffed Teddy
6 pairs of socks
3 onesies
4 receiving blankets
Rubber ducky
1 large, 1 small baby bottle (not shown; they are in the diapers)
80 diapers

Other materials:
Cardboard round
2 patterns of ribbon for trim
Wide ribbon for topper
Double-sided tape
Beaded head straight pins

This was my first diaper cake! The only thing I would have done differently would have been using size 2 diapers and 3-6 month onesies instead of newborn diapers and 0-3 onesies. That way the diaper cake can be enjoyed in the baby's room longer!

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