Heavenly Hydrangea Diaper Cake

by Nikki T.
(Newton, MA, USA)

Top View Of Diaper Cake

Top View Of Diaper Cake

Top View Of Diaper Cake Front View Of Diaper Cake

It all started when I was preggers and received my very first diaper cake. Let me first explain the situation...

I was on bedrest for 6 months while pregnant with my daughter Tessa Rose (who just turned 2 on XMas Eve!), and having had so much time on my hands, decided I would pay close attention while disassembling my cake. Immediately, I knew I could definitely do it, and do it even better! I have been making them ever since and luv it! Although, I do think as a Hair Stylist, I have a bit of an advantage working with my hands and having lots of patience while creating my masterpieces. My husband laughs at me because I have so much fun making them!

This particular cake, was for my boss's baby shower, so it had to be absolutely perfect. Most people can understand that, right? Now, add in the fact that my boss is Gretta Monahan, "Style Guru" on the Rachel Ray Show, owner of GrettaLuxe Boutiques and Grettacole Salon and Spa's all over MA, and founder of Gretta Style. She knows fashion, hair, and most of all she knows what she likes! So, it had to be great and it had to be Grettafied!

I started out, like I always do, taking diapers out of box, then cut out my circle base from the folded out diaper box (recycle and reuse right!). Next, I stood a row of diapers on my XLarge Lazy Suzy (sooo helpful while creating cakes and esp. while decorating!), and laied one of my hubby's Xlarge long sleeve T-shirts on the table wrapped it around the lazy suzy. I tied a loose knot with the sleeves and used it to help mold the circle of diapers. Now, I started to mold the row of diapers into a circle and by tightening the sleeves on the T-shirt which keeps the diapers from falling. Making sure to keep the ends of the diapers equidistant, I curled the end of the row off diapers all the way until it connects to, and flows, with, the front of the row, as if it was always an eternity circle, no beginning and no end.

I did that for each tier, making each one consecutively smaller, and stacked them on the base. To secure the cake to base, and the tiers to each other, I used plastic sticks from an Edible Arrangement I had recently received (any plastic sticks will do, but these are great because they have 1 edge that is sharp. I pushed them between diapers and into base for 1st layer (as many as needed depending on size of cake) and through each tier into next tier. For the center support, I actually used the wooden handle of a brand new plunger I got at the dollar store and it kinda screws into the cardboard and poked it through a bit and added some glue. I also filled in any gaps in the center around the plunger with xtra diapers.

Next, was my favorite part, creating the master piece on the blank canvas. I started with the largest ribbon, white, and wrapped it around each tier and secured it with tape (temporarily until each tier was finished and I was sure I liked it), then further secured it with glue. I did the same process for the purple ribbon on each tier. Next, I placed small purple flowers around each tier by laying the on the top of each tier and tucking in the stems and once I liked it and felt it was balanced I secured them with glue.

Finally, and my ultimate fave part, I put the top on, just like putting on a brides head piece (a beautiful tiara resting amidst pinned up curls or a sleek and smooth low pony) it's the absolute finishing touch. I used 2 large hydrangea (btw all the flowers were fake and really cheap, but nice, from WalMart... I swear!) long stems, leaves and all, and just tucked them into the top of the cake and finished it off with some long stemmed greenery around the base!

Now, I think I get why you wanted the details... you gotta get creative when making these cakes at home... I definitely got creative and I also definitely enjoyed sharing my story... Hope it was as fun to read as it was to make! BTW... My boss absolutely loved it... and the best part... when I put it on display at the shower a co-worker came over to taste the frosting!!!

Nikki T

Nikki, What a fabulous story and beautiful diaper cake! I love the detail you put into it. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. What an inspiration you are to all of us. :)

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