Hot Pink Zebra Diaper cake

by Ginri J.
(Conway, SC, USA)

Hot Pink Zebra Diaper Cake

Hot Pink Zebra Diaper Cake

Love this hot pink zebra print diaper cake sent in by our reader Ginri! I love how it is sassy and fun. Thanks for sharing it with us Ginri! It turned out adorable!

Ginri said...

Items needed:
Plastic serving tray purchased at the $1 store
Zebra print ribbon 2 different rolls one pink and one white
Diapers - only Pampers Swaddlers - my diapers of choice
rubber bands - silicone bands found at the $1 store in the hair and beauty section
4 pearl topped stick pins
4 shish kabob skewers (wooden)
1 yard of zebra print material (prefer to use a receiving blanket but I could not find one in the zebra print).
a few flowers for decorating and embellishing

To make the diaper cake:
Roll diapers from the closed end towards the waistband end relatively tight then secure with a silicone band. Continue to do this for about 35 or 40 diapers begin to stand them on the tray in a circular cluster. I had a large rubberband that I used to keep them tight and upright. Do this until the tray is filled.

For the next layer I did the same process except this time I made this section with ~ 20 diapers. Then I folded the material lengthwise to the height of the diapers with a little excess to tuck under the next layer. Then I wrapped the disk of diapers and secured the material with a stick pin.

For the final layer I began with a rolled diaper and then rolled diapers around it like a cinnamon roll until I had the desired diameter, overlapping the printed waist band each time to be sure that the design is only showing the white of the diapers. I placed a rubberband around the roll of diapers to maintain the circle.

To keep the layers from moving in delivery, I used 4 wooden shish kabob skewers and wiggled them through from the top to the bottom. To finish it off add your ribbon and flowers for embellishment. No diapers are wasted in this design, all are usable.

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