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Boutique Diaper Cake Instructions

"You have inspired me so much by this site! Now everyone is excited when I come to baby showers. They can't wait to see the next creative thing that I've made. Thank you! :-)"


Boutique diaper cakes are one of the most popular styles of cakes to give as a baby shower gift. Why? Because they are so EASY to make and EASY to take apart once the mom-to-be needs them.

Not only is the swirl pattern so darn cute, but it also requires very little supplies to hold it together. Making it both fun to give and fun to recieve. Ready to make it? Let's go!

Diaper Cake Instructions

You will need:
  • Diapers
  • Round cake pans-In the sizes you would like the layers to be
  • Large rubber bands, ribbon or string
  • Supplies to decorate the diaper cake with

How To Make Diaper Cakes

Start with a round pan in the size you want your diaper cake layer to be. Place a group of diapers in the middle of the pan.

how to make diaper cakes

Start fanning the diapers out, while pressing them against the edge of the pan for stability. The top of the diapers will be facing inward. This will give a clean look to the outside.

how to make diaper cakes

Continue to add diapers in small sections and fan them out as you add them.

how to make diaper cakes

When you finish fanning out the diapers, go back and make sure they are all spaced evenly. Press the diapers to the outside so there is a hole in the middle.

how to make diaper cakes

Beautiful job! Use either a rubber band, string or curling ribbon to tie around the diapers.

how to make diaper cakes

Slide the diapers out. Repeat the process with your other layers, using different sizes of round pans until you have the desired look.

how to make diaper cakes

Now the fun part. Time to decorate! Use ribbon, baby items, toys, flowers, stuffed animals, etc to decorate your diaper cake.

For this cake, I decorated it for a neighbor who was having her first boy after 5 girls! They are big sports fans so I highlighted their favorite football team, The Atlanta Falcons.

how to make diaper cakes

I have the breakdown of the supplies for my atlanta falcons diaper cake listed on the site if you would like to see it.

For more inspiration, check the hundreds of photos in our diaper cake photo galleries. And be sure to come back and share your final project with us. I can't wait to see it!!

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