Hugs and Kisses Boy Diaper Cake

by Martha
(Mesa, Az)

Boy Diaper Cake

Boy Diaper Cake

Boy Diaper Cake Baby Boy Diaper Cake Boy Diaper Cake Baby Boy Diaper Cake

The Hugs and Kisses diaper cake was a cake someone asked me to make for a friend of hers. It was made out of 50 diapers size 12 tier cake. The colors were baby blue and white. It was topped of with a cute baby blue teddy bear and contained baby travel size essentials. It's a boy was hand made using scrapbook paper. and the 2 layers were wrapped blue ribbon with white polka dots. The card on the cake was hand made.

What a cute diaper cake Martha! Thanks for sharing it with us! I love the cute poem you used on the handmade card. The mom-to-be who received this diaper cake was very lucky. Good job. :)

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