I Made A Princess Diaper Cake

by Angie F.

Princess Diaper Cake

Princess Diaper Cake

I just can't get enough of the princess diaper cakes that are made to look like castles. They are so adorable. I LOVE the idea Angie used when she created this cake. The birthday hats are absolutely adorable and a create way to make fun castle towers. The wands are also so fun! It adds a fun bling to the cake. And what is a princess cake without a crown?! Love it! Thanks so much for sharing your cute baby shower gift with us Angie! It is adorable!

Angie's instructions:
I rolled my diapers and put them together in a round circle, bottom layer being the biggest layer and next layer was a bit smaller until I had it the way I wanted it. I put the sides on the way I wanted them and then I used birthday party hats, cheap wands and pillow stuffing to decorate along with the ribbon.

It's easy to come up with your own ideas because you can make it and decorate as you wish.Instead of using things like pacifiers and bottles like most others like to use, I went a little different this time and just went for the girlie look because that's the theme the new mom-to-be was going for so I thought it would go better for that reason.

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