It's A Girl Diaper Cake

by Janice F.
(Auburn, AL -United States)

Baby Girl Diaper Cake

Baby Girl Diaper Cake

My It's A Girl Diaper Cake

I used four packages of 22 diapers, clear rubber bands, 2 big rubber bands, one small rubber band, a box of baby powder, 1 ounce baby baby bottle, 2 inches wide pink ribbon, and baby ribbon from Walmart. I rolled the diapers with the clear rubber bands until I got enough for the first layer (about 40). I arranged them and placed one large rubber band around the first layer and then I repeated the second layer (about 25 for the second layer). For the third layer, I placed the baby bottle and secured it with double tape. I placed about 12 or 10 diapers for the third layer. I used a medium rubber band to secure the layer. I used a solid ribbon around each layer. Then I wrapped the it's a girl ribbon on top of the solid ribbon. I made a bow for the top of the shower cake and placed pacifier, comb and brush, lotion, oil, and desitin.

Everyone at the baby shower thought it was amazing. This one was my first one, now everyone wants a diaper cake. Some people had never saw a diaper cake before, but I got a lots of response.


Thank you for sharing your cute diaper cake with us Janice! I love how simple yet beautiful it turned out. Great Job!

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