Jungle Baby Diaper Cake

by Katie
(Manchester, TN)

Not complete, but close.

Not complete, but close.

This was a centerpiece for a baby tea. This is actually a picture of it during the "construction" process. I need to upload the final pics. The animals were on the outside of the ribbons when complete.

I started with 60 size 2 Baby's R Us brand diapers, since I found out the mom was using cloth diapers. I rolled each diaper and wrapped them with a rubber band. I used a wrapping paper tube in the center of the bottom 2 layers for support.

To start the bottom layer (roughly 36 diapers) I used a diaper with a larger rubber band as the center and worked my way out. I eventually replaced the center diaper with the cardboard tube when I was ready to stack the layers.

For my second layer (roughly 18 diapers) I repeated the same process. For the top layer (6 diapers) I cut the tube to where it was only a few inches into the top and finished it off with a bottle that the mom had registered for.

For the decorations I used 2 inch blue gingham ribbon, 3 inch blue ribbon with "Oh Baby" printed on it, and 1/4 inch blue ribbon to attach the additional decorations. I used baby mittens, wash cloths, and pacifiers that the mom had registered for. I did glue the ribbon wrapping the layers on, but again I know she won't be using them and if she does it's only 3 of them.

I also found little wooden animals to attach with the ribbon for added decoration. The great thing about the Baby's R Us diapers is that they have a green print with lions, elephants, monkeys, and giraffes on them. I spent roughly $28 on this little project and everyone has bragged on it.

Thank you for sharing your cute diaper cake pictures with us Katie! I love how you were able to make an adorable diaper cake for under $30. Awesome!

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