Jungle Themed Diaper Cake

by Eve S.
(Weatherly PA)

Jungle Themed Diaper Cake

Jungle Themed Diaper Cake

OH My GOSH!I think Eve gets the best aunt in the world award. lol! Take a look at this AMAZING diaper cake she made for her niece's baby shower. Love it! I am sure she was thrilled to get such an amazing present. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas with us Eve. It turned out beautifully.

Eve's comments:
This Diaper Cake was our first creation. My two daughter's and I made this cake for my nephew's son. There is close to 2 hundred diapers sizes 1 and 2. The cake was built around the Crib Bed Set. We used the entire crib bedding set and incorporated everything into the cake as well as numerous toys and clothing, lotions and potions!

The Crib bumper starts the bottom tier of the cake. The center of the cake was the Comforter. Of course the rest you can see was filled in with way to many items to list... I'm a great aunt so I went a little overboard.. It was such fun to do this project with my two girls. Got a lot of oo's and ahh's at the party.. It was the talk of the party Everyone loved it.

It was also special to hear later from my Niece how she loved peeling the layer's away to find all the special items tucked inside. We used spoons and washed cloths to make lollipops . It came out really nice.

My girls and I just did a diaper baby set up in a crib/bassinet. Hope to post those pictures soon..

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