Little Love Bug Diaper Cake

by Nasya

Little Love Bug Diaper Cake

Little Love Bug Diaper Cake

This little love bug diaper cake shared by Nasya is so stinking cute! I love the adorable blankets she used to cover each layer. She also used a different method of putting her cake ties! I didn't know zip ties came in such a large size! Learn something new every day. ;) Thank you so much for sharing your love bug diaper cake with us Nasya! I love it!

Nasya's diaper cake instructions:

I got a box of size 1 diapers and split them up into 3 layers. Each layer was held together with a line of zip lock ties. I like them because you can tighten if needed and cut off the ends :)
Each layer was covered with a receiving blanket and placed over the diapers to the bottom and ducted taped to a piece of cardboard. (so as not to accidentally duck tape the diapers.)

I bought ribbon and hot glued it around the bottom two layers because they were not as colorful, MAKE SURE NOT TO GLUE THEM TO THE BLANKETS! I then placed the extra baby stuff I purchased around such as baby headbands as the bows.

There is a blanket and a little bug toy on top, a child's book, two cute onesies, pair of shoes, finger puppet, and pacifiers :)

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