Monkey Boy 3-Tier Diaper Cake

by Estella C.
(San Diego, CA)

Monkey Diaper Cake

Monkey Diaper Cake

I made this Monkey boy 3-tier diaper cake for my daughter's baby shower. In the picture, I am submitting it is only showing (3) 8"inch one layer diapers it should have been (5) 8"inch one layer diaper cakes circling around the 3-tier diaper cake. I made a total of 8 diaper cakes.

I used:
141 size 2 diapers
6 1/2 yards of brown ribbon
6 1/2 yards of baby blue ribbon (It's a boy!) reading in the middle of the ribbon.
2 Blue baby spoons
2 Green baby spoons
8 1/2 Yards brown lace
8 1/2 Yards baby blue lace
5 Yards white beads
8"inch cake board
14"inch cake board
Baby blue baby blocks (party favors)
5 Baby blue baby buggies (party favors)
5 Baby blue baby rattles (party favors)
1 Baby bottle (party favors)
1 Baby blue heavy weight balloon holder
2 Baby blue buttons
2 White head pins
6 Baby blue baby booties (party favors)
6 Baby blue mother pins (party favors)
1 Monkey stuffed animal
5 paper plates
1 16.9fl oz empty water bottle
2 Wooden dowels
Bag of rubber bans
8 Cotton balls

For the bottom tier of the diaper cake, I rolled 55 diapers with rubber bans. Then I started to wrap the rolled diapers around the empty water bottle. Second 10"in. tier, I used 22 rolled diapers and wrapped around the empty water bottle where you longer see the water bottle. Then, I place the 2-tier diaper cake onto a 14" cake board.

On the 10" round diaper, I insert the baby spoons alternating colors. Then, I took the cotton and starting filling the gaps in between the diaper and the water bottle. Then I place the balloon heavy weight in the center of the 10"in diaper cake.

The third tier, I rolled 14 diapers with rubber bands to a 8"in diaper cake. Then, I took the 8"in cake board a made a slit in the center of the cake board. I placed the 8"in diaper cake on top of the cake board. I rolled (5) 8"in one layer diaper cakes, I used 14 diapers for each.

Then, I took the 5 paper plates and glued 1 plate on top of each of the (5) 8"in one layer diaper cakes. Then, I started to wrapping the brown ribbon around all diaper cakes covering the rubber bands. Then I wrapped the baby blue ribbon in the middle of the brown ribbon.

With the remaining brown ribbon, I made 3 bows and glued them onto the each of the 3-tier diaper cakes. I took the mother pins and pinned one to the 10"in diaper cake in the center of the brown bow and the other mother pins were pinned onto each of the (5) 8"in one layer diaper cakes. I glued one baby buggy on the (5) 8"in one layer diaper cakes.

I glued the baby blocks in between the baby spoons and glued the baby rattles on the edge of the 10"in diaper cake. Then I inserted the wooden dowels onto the top of the tier of the diaper cake. Then placed the monkey in between the wooden dowels so the monkey stays in place. Then put the baby bottle one of the legs of the monkey along with 1 baby rattle.

Hope the instructions are clear. I really enjoyed making this monkey boy 3-tier diaper cake for my daughter. She is having a boy!

Wow! Beautifully done Estella. Thank you for all the wonderful tips and instructions. Your daughter is so lucky to get such a wonderful present!

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