Monkey Diaper Cake 1

by Eralia H.
(San Diego, CA)

Monkey Diaper Cake

Monkey Diaper Cake

The colors used in this monkey diaper cake are very natural and calming. Eralia used lots of baby supplies to decorate this diaper cake.

She placed baby bottles filled with shredded paper around the layers. Miniature clothes pins and baby pins were attached to the ribbon. She also used baby socks, lotions and washes to decorate the cake. A cute little monkey is placed on the side.

Thank you for sharing your inspiration and ideas with us Eralia!

Eralia's own words:
I've come to really enjoy making these diaper cakes. Although they include a lot
of the same items, no one
is ever the same and my family, friends, and customers are always pleased with the outcome!

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