Monkey Garden Diaper Cake

by Helena
(Victorville, Ca)

Front Of Monkey Garden Diaper Cake

Front Of Monkey Garden Diaper Cake

Front Of Monkey Garden Diaper Cake Side Of Monkey Garden Diaper Cake Side Of Monkey Garden Diaper Cake Back Of  Monkey Garden Diaper Cake

This is my very first attempt at a diaper cake. It came out very colorful, bright and nice. I am very proud of myself (and so is my husband). My daughter couldn't believe that I made this and she said she was very impressed. Some customers at work seen it and now I have two orders to make. I got the idea from a magazine but they used receiving blankets. I went on Google and found your site which gave me the idea of using diapers. They used this as the centerpiece. The mother-to-be was so excited as she started undoing the cake to see all the little surprises in there.

This is a three-tier cake. I used a large bottle of baby lotion for the first two tiers and a 4-oz baby bottle for the last tier. I used approx. 23-25 diapers, rolled up and held with rubber bands for the first tier, covered by a baby blanket. The second tier I used about 16-18 rolled up diapers (they are size 1). That was covered with a receiving blanket. The third tier I used three onesies and three pants.

I wrapped ribbon around the first two tiers which I sewed flowers and butterflies on them. The third tier I used baby headbands. The cake was set on a stryofoam based which I covered with a baby flannel print and a border. I put baby necessities thru-out the cake (slippers, rattles, shoes, rubber bands for baby's hair, etc.) I pinned a monkey blankie to the top of the cake. I also surrounded the cake with lollipop washcloths that I made.

Thank you for this site.

Helena, I am so proud of you! Great job on a beautiful first diaper cake. I love the happy bright colors you used. Thank you for sharing it with us. :)

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