Nature's Beauty Diaper Cake

by Bethany
(Chicago, Illinois)

Elegant Diaper Cake

Elegant Diaper Cake

Elegant Diaper Cake Daisy Diaper Cake Elegant Diaper Cake

How lovely! This elegant diaper cake is jam packed with surprises. Check out the adorable pink bird on top. Love it! I love the elegant look of the flowers with the paisley ribbon. Bethany goes into full detail below with all goodies she hid into the construction. So clever! Thanks for sharing your photos and tips with us Bethany!

Bethany's Diaper Cake Instructions:

80 Size 1 diapers
1 Bunch large silk white daisies
1 Bunch small silk pink daisies
1 Medium pink bird
5 Yards pink satin ribbon
1 Roll (5 yards) paisley black & white ribbon
12 Multi-colored wash cloths
1 Bottle organic baby wash/shampoo
1 Bottle organic baby lotion
1 Pink & brown long-sleeved onesie
3 Sets of baby mittens
1 Bag mini candy bars
1 Cardboard cake disc
1 Bag multi-size rubberbands
Non-toxic craft adhesive spray

I began with rolling all 80 of those disposable size 1 diapers and securing with rubberbands. Inside half of them, I rolled the mini candy bars as a special surprise treat for the parents. I then lightly sprayed the cardboard cake disc with the craft adhesive (I found this keeps the center and the diapers secure until I can wrap a large rubberband around the entire base layer). For the base, I took the bottle of baby wash and "stuck" it to the middle of the cardboard. I then proceeded to make three rings around the baby wash, and secured with a large rubberband.

Also, I rolled the wash cloths and stuck 5 in the base layer in the inner two rings. For the second layer, I made two rings of diapers around the top of the baby wash, securing each ring with a larger rubberband. Just as I did in the base layer, I rolled 4 wash cloths and integrated them into the center ring. For the top layer, I took the bottle of baby lotion wrapped in the onesie and placed it as the top center piece. The first ring of the top layer was made of the remainder of the wash cloths and baby mittens.

The outer layer consisted of the rest of the diapers and secured by another rubberband. The pink satin ribbon went on next topped by the paisley black & white ribbon (pinned in place on backside of the cake). I cut the flowers from the bunch keeping the stems long enough to stick them into the diapers. The top's white & pink flowers were stuck in a spiral pattern so that they were overlapping enough to hide all the goodies underneath. The flowers around the cake were strategically placed to cover any imperfections there may have been.

Finally, I placed the bird on the top, gently resting on the flowers.

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