Personalized Diaper Cake 1

by Krista R.
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Personalized Diaper Cake

Personalized Diaper Cake

Personalized Diaper Cake Personalized Diaper Cake Close Up

Our reader Krista shared some darling personalized diaper cake photos with us. I love the colors and details she used. Thank you for sharing your photos and story with us Krista! Your friend is so lucky to receive such a cute diaper cake!

Krista said...

My first diaper cake -- Incorporating baby's name.

My best friend is expecting, and I was unable to attend the baby shower, so I decided to make a diaper cake that was not too over-the-top so she and her fiancee can keep it on display in the nursery for the time being, without it looking like a party accessory.

I incorporated the baby's name to give it a more personalized touch. Instead of embellishing with big items, I stuck to using sticky-diamonds and a variety of ribbons.

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