Pooh Bear Girl Diaper Cake

by Mykayla L.

Pooh Bear Girl Diaper Cake

Pooh Bear Girl Diaper Cake

Pooh Bear Girl Diaper Cake Girl Pooh Diaper Cake

Mykayla's Pooh Bear Girl Diaper Cake

I first bought a box, big box from Sams club, and rolled all the diapers and kept them together with rubber bands!!!! I bought a tier, like from Walmart mainly for wedding cakes. I also bought a gift pack that contained shampoo, baby powder cotton swabs, and baby wash from Johnson and Johnson that you can get from Walmart, or an convenience store. I bought some toys, a pack of six pair of socks, a full size stuffed pooh bear and the bows in the front are hair bows, and some ribbon!

I began rolling the diapers until all were rolled then began placing them in a circle to create a cake like layer!! This is a three tier, four including the plastic tier!!!! I placed the rolled up diapers around pooh so only his head would show!!! The flowers around poohs head are baby socks.

After putting all the tiers on each other, wrap the ribbon around, tie in a pretty bow and began placing everything you want around it to make it look pretty. Good luck!!

Love, love, love your diaper cake Mckayla! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

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