Pretty In Pink Diaper Cake

by Sharon K.
(La Salle, Il. USA)

Pretty In Pink Diaper Cake

Pretty In Pink Diaper Cake

Tell us about your diaper cake! We would love to hear all about it...

Who did you make it for? My Daughter

How many diapers did you use in your cake? I used approximately 130 diapers to make the cake.

What were the ingredients?

3 packages disposable diapers size 1
3 empty paper towel rolls to fasten diapers on
2 package rubber bands to tie up diapers
1 pair pink baby slippers
8 sucker shaped soaps
1 package baby wipes
1 package Q-tips
3 packages of wide pink ribbon
1 pink bath puff
1 fingernail clipper
1 baby nose cleaner
2 bottles full of M&M's for Mommy
Miniature pink roses
1 plastic table cloth for icing
2 packages rubber duckies (3per pack)
Johnson Baby Product samples
4 pairs pink and white anklets
4 skewers to hold layers together
2 teethers
2 teether beads
1 Brush and comb
25 Headbands (tied around diapers)
1 Dollar bill put in a lace bag on the back of cake (1st $1)
6 pink pacifiers
6 baby spoons
Several decorative baby stickers
1 white basket

How did you make it?

First I took three empty paper towel rolls and shoved them inside each other, you have to bend them a little to get them to fit, then I taped them to make them secure. I rolled the diapers with the same colored rubber bands and attached them to the paper towel rolls. After each layer was completed, I took a large rubber band to hold that particular layer tight. After this was complete, I took a plastic table cloth and cut it into strips, the width of each layer, gradually decreasing sizes. I took 2 large rubber bands on each layer to hold items, then covered them with thick ribbon so they wouldn't show through. I slipped baby items under the rubber bands and they held pretty tight. I used wood skewers to hold layers together.

You have to place them between a diaper and push it through to the next layer, can get kind of tricky, but it works, just let the Mommy know they are in there, and make sure to cut off pointed ends before inserting. I tried to strategically add things so they matched on each side. With the left over diapers that were left, my Granddaughter made a smaller version of the cake for the shower, it was so much fun!!!!

Anything else you would like to share with us about your diaper cake or the occasion?

This is my very first diaper cake. My daughter was thrilled with it. It took about three weeks to complete, because I was working at the time, now since I have made a few, it doesn't take so long. I had seen cakes many times and wondered if I could make one, and was surprised how it turned out. It made a beautiful table centerpiece that everyone saw first thing when they walked in the door.

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