Princess Castle Diaper Cake

by Christina Brockes Pazur
(St. Louis, MO, USA)

princess castle diaper cake

princess castle diaper cake

princess castle diaper cake princess castle diaper cake princess castle diaper cake

Tell us about your diaper cake! We would love to hear all about it...

Who did you make it for?
I made this for my soon to be niece.

Was there a theme or style you followed?
My sister loves hot pink and black. Her theme is princess of the non-Disney kind.

How many diapers did you use in your cake?
I used 108 size 1 Huggies diapers.

What were the ingredients?
108 size 1 Huggies diapers, lots of different size rubber bands, hot glue, lots of tulle and ribbon, different colors of glittery foam sticky sheets, princess rubber ducky, jewels, butterflies, bows, princess wand party favors, cardboard platform, glittery sticker letters.

How did you make it?
I rolled each diaper and placed a rubber band on each one. Then I grouped diapers together and placed a big rubber band around each level. Then I wrapped tulle around each level and hot glued tulle opening. Then added ribbon around and hot glued that to each level. Then hot glued butterflies or bows where needed. Made the top cones out of the sticky glittery foam sheets and hot glues them to stay how I wanted them. Broke the princess wands and hot glued them into the top of the cones. Then I stacked everything together. I used broken tip wands for connecting a couple of the towers together. I Added the sticker letters. Then I cut the glittery sticker foam sheets into the water/grass/walkway. Placed princess duck on top of water.

Anything else you would like to share with us about your diaper cake or the occasion?
Be careful when hot gluing- don't want it to get on the diapers and using a piece of paper between the diaper and tulle is not a good idea being it gets stuck onto the glue and leaves pieces of paper where the glue is. Also I don't suggest using glitter anything as it gets on everything and it's probably not a good idea for it to get on the diapers. But overall I was impressed by the turnout- this was my first diaper castle.

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Jul 24, 2012
by: Debbie

This is absolutely beautiful!! Love it!! Great Job!! I'm sure she will love it!

Jul 24, 2012
A perfect princess diaper cake!
by: Nisha- Editor

Love your diaper cake! It has all the glittery fun that a new girl deserves. I love that you used princess wands for the top of the towers. The stars give it an adorable touch. Thanks for sharing your diaper cake with us Christina!

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