Princess Diaper Cake

by Kendy Reed
(Lewisville, Texas, USA)

What is a princess diaper cake without a crown and feather boa?! How fun! I love the bright colors and all of the feathers. Kendy did a beautiful job creating a whimsical cake for her friend. Thank you for sharing your photo with us Kendy! You are an inspiration. Great job!

Kendy shared...

I made this diaper cake for a friend's baby shower! This really-girly diaper cake has a princess crown filled with pink beads and bright fun feather as a topper. My starting point was a cardboard cake stand with a tall, skinny empty water bottle glued to the center to use as a base - I've found this works really well! I used feather boas between the layers to cover the diaper tops and added little personal touches here and there: pink pacifier, mini baby products, wooden frog (mommy-to-be loved frogs), purple butterfly, etc! It was a really fun project and my first diaper cake!

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