Pure Elegance Diaper Cake

by Tonya V.
(Lipan, Texas)

Elegant Diaper Cake

Elegant Diaper Cake

Rolling Diapers. I found that taping them in a line then forming the snow-ball effect helps get the diapers packed tight and circular. The bottom layer (4th layer) of this cake is 60 in. around. Third layer is 50 in. Second layer is 30 in. Top is 26 in.

I used skewers to hold the tiers without using tape. It worked better than tape. Then around each layer is a thick garnet colored ribbon. On top of that is a sheer ivory ribbon. With Ivory Bows on each layer. Used regular flat head pins.

Also, I used cake pillars to bring the top layer up and to make it more elegant. With draping flowers and a stuffed animal on top. Due to this diaper cake is very big, I would use diaper size 2 or pampers size 1-2. A new mommy can never have too many diapers!

Also at a baby shower, She is always given newborn. So a size up really helps. Around the base, Wrap a nice sheer scarf, To give it a "eye drawing" effect. There you go... That's my diaper cake!

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