Purple & Silver Elegant Diaper Cake

by Sherilyn
(Murrieta, CA)

Elegant Diaper Cake Front

Elegant Diaper Cake Front

Elegant Diaper Cake Front Elegant Diaper Cake Tutu Closeup Elegant Diaper Cake Top Elegant Diaper Cake Flower Hair Clip

Purple and Silver Elegant Diaper Cake

These are pictures of a diaper cake gift that I made for my cousin's baby shower. She was having a little girl so I knew that everything would be purple because purple is my cousin's favorite color. Silver was used as a contrasting color.

From Bottom to Top (a short description of the layers)
Bottom Box: Contains a thick blanket and receiving blankets.
"Doily" Layer: A customized (by me) purple, lavender, and silver tutu with lavender ribbon and purple flowers
Diaper: Cynthia Rowley Special Edition Pampers in purple held tied by a matching purple ribbon
Box: Onesies and matching bibs
Diaper: Same as before
Topper: Rose hairclip and card with envelope made from leftover wrapping paper

The first thing I did (after purchasing the items for the cake) was wrap any gifts that are to be placed in the boxes. In this instance, I wanted to use square boxes. Next I hunted down round cake pans so I could place the diapers into. I used the wrapped boxes as guides to determine the sizes I would need. I rolled each diaper and secured the roll with a rubber band. I placed the diapers into the pan in evenly around the perimeter of the pan and then continued to fill the center of the pan with more diapers. Once I had finished this step, I took ribbon and wrapped the diapers to hold the overall cylindrical shape. I removed all the rubber bands. I secured the layers with tape to form a cake.

Everyone enjoyed the diaper cake. My cousin cannot wait to use the tutu and matching hair clip on her daughter.

My goodness Sherilyn, what a beautiful and creative diaper cake! Thank you for sharing it with us! I love that you created a cute baby tutu and hair clip to decorate it with. The gift box idea is so adorable. :)

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Jun 04, 2011
by: Stephanie

The boxes are brilliant! What a great way to add height to the cake! This will work perfect for the diaper cake I am making this weekend. Thanks!

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