Purple Zebra Diaper Cake

by Lorie H.
(Austintown ,Ohio)

Zebra Diaper Cake

Zebra Diaper Cake

Zebra Diaper Cake Zebra Diaper Cake

Love the colors of this zebra diaper cake! The flowers add such a whimsical touch to such a beautifully modern cake. Thanks for sharing it with us Lorie! It looks fabulous!

Lorie's comments...
I made this diaper cake for my daughter-in-law for the baby shower centerpiece. We did the shower in the theme of the nursery.

I used 80 diapers total, using the rolling method and wrapping them with a rubber band. For the top tier of the cake, I used 15 diapers. I gathered them & wrapped a rubber band around them. I used 25 on the next tier, and 40 on the bottom tier. I wrapped all of them with a rubber band like I did the top tier. I bought some very purple ribbon, zebra ribbon, and black ribbon to decorate it.

I put the zebra ribbon on top of the purple ribbon, and so forth with black & purple etc. I bought purple gerber daises ,roses & other flowers that I thought would be pretty. I added gems to the flowers for a special touch and bought a cute little doll to put on top the cake. I also bought a thin wooden dowel & put it down through the cake to hold it all together.

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