Surprise Gender Diaper Cake

by Courtney C.
(Woodbridge, Virginia)

Ducky Surprise Gender Diaper Cake

Ducky Surprise Gender Diaper Cake

Ducky Surprise Gender Diaper Cake Surprise Gender Diaper Cake Surprise Gender Baby Cake

I hosted my friends shower and the baby's sex was a surprise. I created a five tiered diaper cake that was all diapers on the bottom and hollow in the middle. I stuffed lotions, q-tips, outfits, pacifier, wipes, etc inside the cake. Then created another layer of diapers, then a layer of outfits. It was a huge hit.

On the outside I wrapped it in blankets and wash cloths. I attached a onesie with double sided tape to the outside and then stuffed it with scrapbooking stickers. The mother to be said that she loved opening it up because she just kept pulling out goody after goody.

Oh my goodness, Courtney! I love this gender surprise diaper cake! It is so creative and fun! I love how you have it designed. It must of been so fun for your friend to get to reach in again and again to pull out gifts. Wonderful idea!

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