Sweet Baby Diaper Cake

by Yeli C.
(Davie, Florida, USA)

Sweet Baby Diaper Cake

Sweet Baby Diaper Cake

Sweet Baby Diaper Cake Sweet Baby Diaper Cake

Take a look at Yeli's sweet baby diaper cake she recently shared with us! I love the elegant touch the tulle and flowers give it. Yeli also gave us some great instructions along with her diaper cake. Thank you for sharing your tips and photos Yeli. It turned out absolutely adorable. :-)

Yeli's Instructions...
First, I rolled all the diapers and tied them with rubber bands. Then, for the base I used a cake board (10 inches in diameter). I hot glued 3 layers of pink and white tulle all around the cake board to make it look like a skirt. I like to use Dooley wood sticks to hold the cake in place on top of the base. I made sure all the diapers looked straight and centered.

For this one, I found this beautiful rose bud ribbon at Jo-Anns Fabric, so what I did was lay the white ribbon flat on the table then hot glued the rose bud ribbon on top of the white one. This way I made sure it was straight and right in the middle of the white one.

Then I wrapped it around the middle layer, and used pins to hold it secure to the diapers. I used only white ribbon for the first and bottom layer. I added roses to the ribbon to decorate it,( a fake bunch from Jo-anns fabric too. Sometimes you can find nice cute ones at a dollar store so check there first, because it can get expensive at Jo-anns unless you have coupons you can use). I added a little stuffed animal on the top, which was secured on top of the diapers with pins too. Since I love to personalize my project I found a plain white cap and had it embroidered with the baby's name Maya and put it on the little rabbit's head. Easy, simple but very cute and personalized. I hope it inspires some people out there.

I didn't really keep track of how much time I put into it because I have a 16 month old baby.. so I do my projects after I put him to bed, so for this one I rolled all the diapers during one of my son's nap lol then the night before the baby shower I did everything else, so I would say it took me like 1 hr to finish the rest.

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