Teddy Bear Diaper Cake 1

by Veronica
(Clear Lake, Texas)

Finished Diaper Cake

Finished Diaper Cake

Finished Diaper Cake First Layer Three layers, plain with no decorations.

Tell us about your diaper cake! We would love to hear all about it...

Who did you make it for? My sister in law's baby shower.

Was there a theme or style you followed? Teddy bears and bows with the colors of pink and purple.

How many diapers did you use in your cake? 60 diapers.

What were the ingredients?
60 diapers
1 cardboard circle about 10 in in diameter
2 bottles (1 9 oz/1 4 oz)
1 teddy bear
1 Johnson & Johnson baby travel pack (washes, etc)
2 pacifiers
3 baby socks
1/4 in ribbon in pink/purple
1/2 in ribbon - any design
1.5 in ribbon - pink/purple polka dots
Baby shower favors - teddy bear picks
Many rubber bands

How did you make it?
Roll up diapers, tie with rubber band in center, place around bottles in center of cardboard circle. For the bottom layer start with 6 diapers, then 12, and then 18 on the outside. The second layer has 6 on the inside and then 12 on the outside. These 12 I wrapped with the thin pink/purple ribbon alternating colors. The last layer is 6 diapers around. Wrap the thick ribbon around the bottom and top layer. Place the teddy bears around each layer. Organize the baby stuff around it as well. Top with the teddy bear.

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