Unisex Winnie the Pooh Diaper Cake

by Sonya H.
(Youngstown, OH)

Front of the winnie the pooh diaper cake

Front of the winnie the pooh diaper cake

Front of the winnie the pooh diaper cake Side of winnie the pooh diaper cake Other side of winnie the pooh diaper cake Back of winnie the pooh diaper cake

Check out this cute "diaper cake recipe" Sonya shared with our site. I had to chuckle as I read it because she did such a cute job putting it together.

Unisex diaper cakes can be a little challenging to put together, but she did a great job with this winnie the pooh diaper cake. Your diaper cake turned out wonderful Sonya. Thank you for sharing your photos with us!

Sonya's diaper cake recipe:
I've always adored diaper cakes and when I found out that my cousin was pregnant I was excited to give it a try! She hasn't released the gender of the baby, so it had to be unisex which was a challenge! So, I went with yellow, green, and teddy bear decor.

You need two packages of disposable diapers (I used a package of stage 1 on the bottom and stage 2 on the top two layers so she would have a variety of sizes, had 76 diapers total), a cardboard tube (out of the center of wrapping paper), lots of rubber bands in various sizes (you'll need enough to individually wrap each diaper, and go around each layer a few times), double sided tape, a plastic or cardboard cake platter, three receiving blankets (best in variety of colors or patterns), a baby cap, some bibs, and any other accessories (rattles, washcloths, socks, brushes, spoons, bottles, pacifiers, etc), ribbon/garland (optional).

Baking Time: about 1 hour.

Time to bake your cake:
Take the diapers and begin rolling them up. Start with the top/waist end of the diaper, and roll down to the bottom end of the diaper. Secure with a rubber band around the center. Repeat this step with all of the diapers. Take three of the diapers and stack them atop of each other, this will be the height you'll need to cut your cardboard tube to (if you're making three tiers). Take the cardboard tube and cut a slit down the side of it the length of the tube. Now stuff those three diapers into the tube. This will be the core of the cake. Take 6 diapers and stack them around the bottom of the tube, secure by wrapping a larger rubber band around the diameter of the diapers. (You can start this assembly on the cake platter, or move the cake to the platter after you're done). Then make another ring of diapers outside of the first ring, then secure with another large rubber band. Finally make a third ring along the outside of your second ring and secure with a large rubber band. Do the same thing for the rest of the layers, deducting one ring as you go up the tiers so that you are left with an edge. Now you should have a three tier cake of diapers. I had diapers left over and wanted to smooth out the edges, so I unrolled the left overs and placed them flat along the outside of each layer, securing with large rubber bangs.

Time to frost your cake:
Take the three receiving blankets and fold them horizontally so they wrap around the diameter of each layer. For the bottom layer, you may need to fold the blanket on diagonal to be long enough. Secure to the layers with double sided tape. Place the point at which the blanket ends meet or overlap at the back of the cake. *At this point I put ribbon around each layer over the blankets, totally optional*. Then, take the bibs and tuck them into the layers so that the face design of the bib is smooth along the sides and covers the point that the blankets connect in the back. I mimicked this on the other side of the cake too.

Time to decorate your cake:
Tuck all of your accessories (rattles, pacifiers, brushes, spoons, socks, etc) into the folds where you wrapped the blankets around the layers. I rolled the washcloths up to resemble roses and tucked them in. I also had a package of outlet plugs that I tucked into the tops of the diapers. Take the baby cap and place it over the top layer of the cake. If you haven't done so, transfer the cake onto the platter.

Serve your diaper cake!

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